Naughty Julie - Did you ever have one of those curiosity days? Where ideas of "Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if I..." or "Hmm, I wonder how it would feel if..." pop in your head? Packing for a trip the other day I had one of those moments. The thought of "Hmm I wonder what satin would feel like in my ass?" crossed my mind as I was going through my stocking drawer and found these white satin gloves.Well, you know me. Never one to pass up an opportunity to get wild and experiment - I had to do it!! I packed up my entire lacy white lingerie outfit: bustier top that pushed up my tits, lace thong panties, sheer thigh highs, big heels, and my special satin gloves. When we got to the hotel I told Jon I needed him to take some pictures of my little “experiment”. He laughed, he knows I get these crazy ideas that need to be satisfied. So he pulled out his camera, all ready to go.At first I just wanted to tease myself a bit, running the silky gloves over my body. It felt so soft and smooth as my fingertips ran over my cleavage. I had to see how the gloves would feel running over my stiff nipples. Amazing! As I pinched them hard, the little sting of the pressure combined with the soft cool touch of the satin had me in ecstasy. By why stop there? I wanted to feel it over more of my body. Unhooking the garters that hung down from the bustier, I then slipped out of the thong panties to expose my pussy.Spreading my legs and my cunt lips wide, I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of the gloves inside me. Pulling one leg to the side, I inserted one satin fingertip into my pussy while the other probed my asshole. Mmm the slick fabric felt amazing - a satin DP! In and out I pounded my fingers, exploring every inch of my tight holes.Let me tell you, satin and your’s a good thing.

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